Art as knowledge

In this short essay I will try to defend why I think art is a form of knowledge and why it is so important to support art and artists, specially, experimental art, that due to its condition is usually unable to generate revenue to support itself. Our language is our world, however, language is limited. [...]


Finding one’s voice: assembling and mixing the little bits that ring inside yourself.

There's the famous theory that everything is a remix, that we are entangled in «webs of significance». Culture, according to the notable anthropologist Clifford Geertz, is «a system of inherited conceptions expressed in symbolic forms by means of which men communicate, perpetuate, and develop their knowledge about and attitudes toward life». Everything that surrounds me [...]

Da música Portuguesa votada ao ostracismo

Pressuposto número um: se é que a ideia de país, de uma pátria, de uma comunidade imaginada que nos une a todos faz sentido, então muita coisa vai errada connosco. A ideia de Portugal e de defender o que é Português pode não fazer sentido de todo. É uma questão ideológica, já havia o adágio, [...]

Six puppets

Some food for thought, just facts, not judgments. A typical European Family: Joe and Anne, two post-teens. Joe is graduating, never worked. Lives with his parents, depends on them for everything. Has some friends and a boring life, home, college, bars. Anne got pregnant in high-school and dropped off. Lives with his parents and also [...]

Politics and Music – a symbolic analogy or How and Why Schoenberg invented Musical Communism

Formal systems and abstractions are everywhere in our world and dominate the thinking and the reasoning on how we organize ourselves and theorize and speculate about it. Therefore I am proposing yet an amusing and interesting mental experience – the analogy and the mirroring of political systems/ways we have used to organize our societies and [...]