Tiago Videira

Lisboa/Casal de Loivos, Portugal. | Austin, Texas, USA.

Tiago Videira is a Creative Mind within the areas of music and literature. He is a researcher holding a PhD in Digital Media in the framework of the UT Austin-Portugal Program, funded by FCT (Foundation for Science and Technology), specialization in Audiovisual and Interactive Content Creation (Thesis: “Instrumental Fado – A Generative Interactive System”). He has also a Masters in Philosophy – Aesthetics (FCSH/NOVA, “The Cybernetic Artist: the Status of the Artificial Intelligence in Nowadays Music – Two Case Studies: The Lexikon Sonate and the EMI”) and a degree in Musicology (FCSH/NOVA).

Tiago has composed dozens of musical works ranging from film and animation music to simple solo piano pieces, electroacoustic-ambient works for small ensembles, pop and intervention songs, marches and fados. So far he has three published Albums (plus songbooks).

Tiago is also a fiction writer, having earned the Prize “Young Writers 2006” with the work “Galactic Tales”, which was later published. He also took classes with Prof. Alberto Pimenta and dozens of creative texts have been created since then. He colaborated with DN Jovem from 2005 until the extinction of the literary supplement. He also published two other fiction books.

As an educator, he worked as a music teacher in schools, teaching 5th to 8th graders.

Tiago was also editorial assistant of the online journal Inside between 2005-2008 and wrote several articles within the areas of music and sports.

Additionally, Tiago Videira took part in many workshops and Summer Schools and developed work with personalities such as Prof. Bruce Pennycook (University of Austin), Tomás Henriques or Jaime Reis in the domains of Interactive, Film and Electroacoustic music. He has also been developing his composition skills gradually with the help of Eurico Carrapatoso, Pedro Faria Gomes, Pedro Duarte, Brian Heim and Michael Mikulka.

Research interests

Computational Musicology | Creative Music Systems | Popular Music | Musical Semiotics | Composition and Theory | Aesthetics of Music | New Media | Portuguese Music and Culture.

Further interests & hobbies

Music | Computer Science | Literature | European Soccer | Internet | Card Games | Independent Cinema | Sitcoms | Gastronomy | Photography