Tiago Videira

Lisboa/Casal de Loivos, Portugal. | Austin, Texas, USA.

Tiago Videira is a Creative Mind with a big passion for music. He is a Researcher, Songwriter, Music Producer and Engraver holding a Degree in Musicology, a Masters in Philosophy – Aesthetics and a PhD in Digital Media in the framework of the UT Austin-Portugal Program.

Tiago has been a Research Fellow in a project of Critical Edition of Repertoire by Luso-Brazilian Composers (c. 1750-1930). Works include the Modinhas of Father José Maurício; Theater works among the catalogue of D. Maria II Theatre; Organ works of Luso-Brazilian composers featured in the collection of Joseph Joubert; Chamber orchestra and choir work “Uyáras” by Alberto Nepomuceno; Opera “La Donna di Genio Volubile” by Marcos Portugal; Magical-theater “As Três Cidras do Amor” by Santos Pinto [in progress].

Furthermore he has created, produced and engraved dozens of musical works ranging from songs, solo piano pieces, film and animation music and works for various ensembles. His song “Ansiedade” [Anxiety] won the Best Lyrics Award in “O Meu Fado” 4th ed. – Rádio SIM/SPA/Fado Museum/Universal Music Portugal (2019) [view Song].

Tiago Videira took Songwriting classes with Alan Roy Scott, Randy Klein, Michelle Vice-Maslin, Bob Dellaposta, Tiago Torres da Silva, Aldina Duarte, Maria do Rosário Pedreira, among others. He also took part in many workshops and Summer Schools and developed work under the supervision of personalities such as Prof. Bruce Pennycook (University of Austin), Tomás Henriques or Jaime Reis in the domains of Interactive, Film and Electroacoustic music.

Tiago is also a writer, having earned the Prize “Young Writers 2006” with the work “Galactic Tales”, which was later published. He also took classes with Alberto Pimenta and dozens of creative texts have been created since then. He colaborated with DN Jovem from 2005 until the extinction of the literary supplement. He also published two other fiction books.

As an educator, he worked as a music teacher in schools, teaching 5th to 8th graders.

Research interests

Popular Music and Folk practices (Songwriting; Portuguese songs; “Bedroom” producers; Music for Media); Music Businesses and Publishing industries; Critical Edition and Music Engraving; Musical Semiotics; Computational Musicology; Creative Music Systems; Musical Analysis and Theories.