Portuguese Suite

The Portuguese suite is a work mostly for Toy Piano Solo. The concept was to create a small set of pieces with a common line: they should all reflect the traditional music from Portugal. Melodies and rhythms linked to the imaginary clichés of Portuguese folklore, fados, marchas, vira.

The challenge was bigger because the Toy Piano is a somewhat fragile and very limited instrument. The version most widespreaded is only two octaves long, so this was a main concern. All of the pieces should fit within this range. To take optimal benefict of this range C3-C5, all pieces are written in C minor, one is the exception in A minor/C major.

I hope I have achieved a very enjoyable repertoire, suited for the international market and all levels (simple to intermediate), with an “exotic and etnic” flavour and at the same time amusing and fun to play. And I hope to have contributed to raise the level of the repertoire and to help people to regard this instrument as a more serious and genuine one, as it fully deserves.

The pieces may be played and considered as a whole package, or can be played freely, as they are all independent from one another.

Piece number One – Rua da Paz

Piece number Two – The Sewing Machine

Piece number Three – O Fadista

Piece number Four – Valsa da Alheira

Piece number Five – Caldo de Feijão

Piece number Six – Vira do Douro


One thought on “Portuguese Suite

  1. hello Tiago,
    I really love your Portuguese Suite! They are so genuine!! And the descriptions as well!! I am giving piano & toy piano recital in March and April, and will perform your whole suite!! And I’d like to give some introductions for each piece, could you please tell me about ‘fado singer’…? I kind of understand but not totally sure…!! Thank you so much!
    Please compose more! They are full of Portuguese colours and stories!

    warmth from Veronica

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