Rua da Paz

This song was composed on Christmas 2010. It is fully dedicated to my beloved granny Adelaide Almeida and to a jolly spirit and a very long life. The tune is composed for toy piano solo and I’ve recreated also the environment, as I remember it, in her old street Rua da Paz, in Lisbon. It is her actual voice in the end telling a short story, let the memory remains. In the sad moments I believe we must retain all the good things and keep them alive. Hope you like it and may you all have a very nice Christmas.

The musical score can be found here.

A New Live version, recorded by myself on Toy Piano solo has ben recorded on camera.

This song is a demo, not a finished nor polished product. I’m looking for competent musicians to sing and play it. If you are a musician or you have a band and you would like to play or record this song please don’t hesitate and contact me.


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