O Fadista

Vasco Santana in the motion picture “Páteo das Cantigas”

This is the third work for Toy Piano in my Portuguese suite collection. After “Rua da Paz” and “The Sewing machine” dedicated to my grannies, I present now “O fadista”, a work dedicated to my father. In this work I try to portray the figure of a “fadista” a typical Portuguese fado singer. The scene where Vasco Santana whistles a fado in the motion picture “O Páteo das Cantigas” was an inspiring one, as well as the figure of my father, a remarkable fado singer and viola player. The whistle in this recording is his own. The musical theme, of course, is a kind of motif inspired in typical portuguese fado songs.

The musical score for everyone who wants to see it or play it is here.

A live performance by myself may be seen now.


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