O fabuloso destino de Amélia Postigo (the fabulous destiny of Amélia Postigo)

This song is the soundtrack of a short-story I wrote on the character of Amélia Postigo, one chapter of my book “O castelo do Louco”. It is a parody on the “Comptine d’été nº2” by Yann Tiersen, which was featured on the motion picture “Le fabuleux déstin de Amélie Poulain”. The style imitation is assumed and it is intentional, nevertheless the piece can stand by itself.

The musical score for piano can be found here.

This song is a demo, not a finished nor polished product. I’m looking for competent musicians to sing and play it. If you are a musician or you have a band and you would like to play or record this song please don’t hesitate and contact me.


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