Dances and Dreams

  • Title: Dances and Dreams
  • Description: This work is a soundtrack of dreams, of imaginary landscapes: it might be a valley, a railway station, a classroom or a ball saloon. To dance while dreaming. This work suits best with phones in the realms of a quiet night. Shut your eyes and let be drift away within the scenarios created for your own pleasure. The piano is the main soloist. I got inspiration from the sounds of Satie, Einaudi, Yann Tiersen and Portuguese music.
  • Artist/Composer: Tiago Videira
  • Illustrator: The CD booklet is an artistic work by Roberto Macedo Alves.
  • Available formats: CD and MP3 and Sheet music book
  • Track list:  here
  • Listen to samples: here
  • Reviews: here and here
  • Radio Show on Antena 2 (Portuguese classical music official station) dedicated to this album: here

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