Bridge through reflections (Fado a ponte e o rio)

Movie by: António Maneira, Ana Cabral Martins, Paulo Rosa, Tiago Videira

Subject: Laboratório de Criação Audiovisual
Professor: João Mário Grilo
PhD Digital Media – UT Austin Portugal 2009/2010

The Bridge is the main core and center of our narrative. It is the guideline and a subtle omnipresence that surrounds the everyday stories of the people around it. We purpose to evoke this constant presence that it is impossible not to see, but at the same time constantly ignored, as it is already part of the scenery. We know it is there. We take it for granted. And thus, we are becoming less and less aware of it, of its effects on us, on our daily life. As Sontag reminds us, when we are confronted with the same image over and over, we tend to be more tolerant to it, and its effects become weaker and weaker. The Bridge, its presence, its image, may still have power to a foreigner. But what impact does it have to a citizen that lives in its city?

Original Soundtrack: Fado a Ponte e o rio
Composed by: Tiago Videira
Lyrics: Sónia Duarte

Voice: Adília Azevedo
Guitar: Armando Pereira
Viola: Carlos Videira

Full article and music score here.


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