Canção de Amor (Whispered Lovesong)

This is a song, very calm and nostalgic, a melancholic ballad. An old detuned piano and a whispered voice trying to convey the most romantic feeling. It is sung by the beautiful Daniela Basílio, lyrics by Sónia Duarte. CANÇÃO DE AMOR Music: Tiago Videira Lyrics: Sónia Duarte 1. Sim9/Lam9/Solm9/Fa9(maj7)/Mimb9(b5) Esta é uma canção de amor … Continue reading Canção de Amor (Whispered Lovesong)

Porque o amor é um vírus

This song was born after Flávio Conceição has written a love poem in the style of Pedro Abrunhosa. I just felt inspired to make the music come true. And then it began the quest for searching for the right voice, since it was virtually impossible to get Pedro Abrunhosa's one. But it doesn't really matter. … Continue reading Porque o amor é um vírus

Bridge through reflections (Fado a ponte e o rio)

Movie by: António Maneira, Ana Cabral Martins, Paulo Rosa, Tiago Videira Subject: Laboratório de Criação Audiovisual Professor: João Mário Grilo PhD Digital Media - UT Austin Portugal 2009/2010 FCSH - UNL The Bridge is the main core and center of our narrative. It is the guideline and a subtle omnipresence that surrounds the everyday stories … Continue reading Bridge through reflections (Fado a ponte e o rio)

Névoa (Mist)

This is a very sad pop ballad whose lyrical content is a metaphor for someone who is helpless seeing another person being dragged into the world of drug addiction. This work was finalist in a Portuguese pop song composition contest (CAAM 2007), and so a demo recorded by a professional female singer was recorded at … Continue reading Névoa (Mist)