Àqueles – o grito da liberdade (To Those ones – freedom cry)

This is the second version of one of my eldest songs. This one is originally from 2005, when Bruno Torrão presented me a poem about the pain of those who belong to a minority and feel opressed by society. I’ve decided to pick it up again this year and made a new arrangement for it, as well as a complete musical score.

The musical score for voice and piano can be found here.

This song is a demo, not a finished nor polished product. I’m looking for competent musicians to sing and play it. If you are a musician or you have a band and you would like to play or record this song please don’t hesitate and contact me.


One thought on “Àqueles – o grito da liberdade (To Those ones – freedom cry)

  1. Achei uma certa piada a esta nova versão, especialmente aos gritos de revolta no megafone! 🙂

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